First pair of shoes

First pair of shoes

The first pair of shoes were made of Minerva Liscio leather by Badalassi Carlo.

The design is an oxford plain toe and the color is burgundy.

The welt is sewn together for longevity and a Birkenstock rubber sole is attached.

I wanted to finish the first pair as quickly as possible, so I had the uppers prepared by my shoe teacher.

It took me a whole year to complete one pair of shoes, 3-hour lessons three times a month almost without a break (3 hours ✖️3 times/month ✖️12 months = 108 hours in total).

She says it’s still early…

It takes at least two years to make a pair of Hand sewn welted leather soled shoes.

It took me a year to finish my first shoes, so I already have a lot of affection for them even before I actually put them on.