The way I shine my shoes.

The way I shine my shoes.

How to shine your shoes

What you need

  • A piece of cloth (cut from an old T-shirt, etc.)
  • emulsifying cream
  • Penetrate brush
  • Water container (whatever you want to keep tap water in)

How to polish

Step.1_clean off the dirt

Don’t use remover, just wipe off the dirt with water

Wrap a rag around your finger and wipe the entire leather shoe clean with tap water.

I try not to use remover to remove stains as much as possible.

My shoe teacher says that leather that has been cared for without remover is often in better condition after some time.

Also, just wiping with water is enough to get rid of dirt and wax.

Step.2_Apply emulsifying cream with a Penetrate brush

Apply the emulsifying cream in a small amount, apply the emulsifying cream to the pores of the leather with a strong brush and smooth the surface.
It’s like filling the pores of the leather with cream.
Do not apply a lot of cream at once, but spread a small amount well.

Step.3_Brush your toes and heels with a rag to make them shine.

Apply the emulsifying cream to the entire surface with a Penetraite brush, then brush the area you want to shine with a cloth.
Wrap a piece of cloth around your fingers, lightly moisten and take the emulsifying cream on the cloth.
Put a drop of water on top of the cream and brush the area where you want it to shine well.


As you polish, dry, and polish repeatedly, the surface of the leather becomes smoother and more shiny。