making a last (2) – Correcting the arch of the last –

making a last (2) – Correcting the arch of the last –

Continuing with the modification of the last

Correction of the arches

Once the contour of the last is corrected according to the draft, the next step is to correct the arch.
I transferred the 25° line of the draft to the last and scraped the line with a sandpaper while looking at the line, aligning the line of the draft with the grounding surface of the last.

The tracing of the foot line is also inexperienced, so every time I draw a line, it’s out of alignment and I can’t figure out which line is correct and how much more I need to trim.

Even though I don’t know what it’s like, I scrape with a vague feeling that it’s something like this, and I rely on the teacher’s eyes to work on it.



It looks like I cut the heel side too much and I have to put leather on it afterwards…
Time was running out for the day, so we’re done here.