Why did I start making shoes?

Why did I start making shoes?

When I tell people who never met before that I make shoes as a hobby, they are usually surprised and ask me why I started making shoes. It’s not that I’ve always loved shoes, or that I’ve always been interested in them. One day, a few years after I became a businessman, I suddenly started making shoes, and I would like to write about the reason why an ordinary office worker started making shoe

Prince Charles’  John Robb

One day, while looking at the Internet news, an article caught my eye.

It was an article that introduced John Lobb, which Prince Charles of England has been using for 40 years.

The leather shoes, which had been worn for 40 years with great care, were repaired with leather patches in some places, and had a unique sheen that could not be described as anything else, and I was fascinated by the presence and style that new leather shoes could not create.

take good care of the leather shoes that fit your feet and repair them to make them your favorite items for the rest of your life. I had a strong admiration for such a figure of Prince Charles.


Found a shoe making school by chance

When I was vaguely thinking that if I’m going to wear the same shoes for decades with love like Prince Charles, I’d like to get the right shoes for my feet.

While walking near my parents’ house, I saw an interesting sign.

“A shoemaker starts by making a last”

I was curious and looked into it, and found that a shoemaker’s workshop that takes orders for custom-made shoes (Vispoke) was also offering a shoemaking class.

I immediately made an inquiry through the website and applied for a tour of the classroom.

This is where my shoemaking began.